Happy first of the month – chapter one of 12, page 1 of 365 days!

I’m excited about this year for many reasons. I’m excited to watch my little boy develop + grow + celebrate his first birthday. You can follow his adventures on @alongcameherbaby and I’m excited to work with my sisters + blog about it all, together on here!

So what’s happening in January…

I’m looking forward to chilling out this month, I feel like I took a lot on towards the end of last year + felt majorly under pressure the week before Christmas with my breastfeeding peer support assessment + coursework – but so pleased I did it! Wilbur’s first Christmas flew by – it was ace! We even hosted New Year’s Eve! #verymethischristmasmarlarky

January, for me, is about getting prepped for the year ahead! I have packages to return, accounts to sort out + complaints/niggles to box off! We also need to hang pictures + repaint scuffed walls before Gav goes back to school next week.

Ok, so first week of January is chaotic! But there after … ZEN!

Also in other news, this month, Emi is training in I am beyond excited. Look out for our post on how it goes + up + coming offers!


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