13 years + the moment we had all hoped for happened – Joey FINALLY proposed.

We went on an Island hop holiday to Greece + started out in Mykonos + ended our trip in Santorini where he popped the question.

We’ve been to Santorini before + went back to the same hotel we LOVE, West East Suites . The island is the most idyllic place we’ve even been + seen, it is hard to describe the setting to really appreciate it for what it really is – heaven.

Entrance to West East Suites Hotel

Set the scene, I was still in my swimming costume when he asked me! Admiring the caldera views + midst photoshoot, Joe utters turn around + that was it, he asked me!

It really was a magical moment + extra special that Joe captured my response…

(Swimsuit from ASOS)

We came home to a fuss (+ a messy house). The sisters had broken in + decorated, I’m still finding confetti now!

So, is West East Suites a potential wedding venue? Who knows! Believe it or not we’re in no rush to get down the isle.. I’m still relishing in being a fiancé for a while!

Mrs Tanton-to-be 🖤

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