Did you see I was the winner of last weeks #dailydecordetail on the babygram? Apparently they couldn’t resist the industrial shelving, the mid-century sideboard + the OVERALL ambiance of Wilbur’s digs! It’s a shame he doesn’t sleep it in!

Being “winner” meant I had to decide on the following weeks winner + do a bit of a Q+A about me.

What is the history of you and your home?

I don’t remember a time I wasn’t in love with Interiors + looking at people’s houses. Mum + dad did up houses for a living so it’s kinda everything we knew. I studied Art + Design and Textiles at A-Level + wanted to be an interior designer.

We bought our first house in 2007, an 1880 end terrace cottage DREAM – we tore it apart, stripped it back + put our stamp on it! – back then we were young, had time and money + no real commitments!

Second time round, my hand was forced! My (now) husband isn’t handy at all + we knew our plans for the imminent future involved marriage + babies. Que boring brand spanking new build…

What is the history of you and your home?

Unlike our first house, which we absolutely gutted, we bought this house off plan + Redrow did the grafting. We picked an ace plot, chose the kitchen + flooring but didn’t actually have to get dirty! During the last 3 years we have decorated throughout + built a fireplace, got married + had our first baby… Wilbur is 18 months this month + takes centre stage on here. I have been pottering with interior styling for many years as a bit of a side line; I quit my full time job in Residential Lettings for a corporate company at the beginning of this year to concentrate on mum life + set up a business with my sisters.

What 3 words would you use to sum up your design style?

I consider my style to be relaxed and attentive, practical but with an element of surprise. I think Instagram + Pinterest inspire change so much so that you can radically change your vibe from one month to the next. Generally, I love the mix of old + new; but I think monochrome is my staple.

What are your favourite buys – the buys that show your personal style the best? Your go to stores?

I live in the past a little; I love a good story, nostalgia + history behind items. I have a lot of stuff from charity shops + salvage yards plus many inherited pieces. I love Pedlars they influenced my style a lot when I was doing my A-Levels. I also love Homesense, who doesn’t.

Best Buy?

The secondhand retro sideboard pictured in Wilb’s room!

What are you top interior decor tips?

Establish a colour scheme – I come up with a basic colour scheme for the whole house, and then I take that from room to room. Also, do a vision board, or hire me to do one! It’s a great way to piece together a room before you get ahead of yourself.

What have you learned through your interior journey?

Don’t settle for “just for now purchases”! You end up making do but spending more later on down the line!

What is still to come.. What pieces are you listing after? Your next “project”?

Expansion! Family. Extension. Business. But for now, I want to finish the bathrooms..

Happy reading, H x

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