We are inseparable, we spend almost every day with each other or at least talking to one another. We are perfectionists; we work hard, we work even harder together + we always knew we wanted to work alongside each other. Finally, after many years of chitchat, we set “us” up properly in April 2017.

Aside from showcasing our individual businesses, we will also share things we love; ideas + tips about beauty // interiors // fashion // food // travel + more recently family life.

We are based in Flintshire covering North Wales, Cheshire, and Wirral but we can of course travel anywhere in the UK for collaborations + work.


Our story so far?

Hannah, 33 designer // maker // stylist // content creator

  • mama to Wilbur Wynter @alongcameherbaby
  • buys way too many home magazines…
  • good food obsessed but partial to a large red wine!

My passion has always been for the interiors! Over the years I have been sharing my own projects on social media — soon friends + family were asking for advice, and before long friends of friends reached out for inspiration professionally. You can take a nosey at my own home @haveyouseenherhouse

Jess, 30 makeup artist

  • red head wannabe
  • unintentionally funny
  • loves a statement jumper

Over 4 years experience in the makeup industry previously contracting freelance with local Makeup + Beauty salons before going solo in 2017.

Emi, 28 beauty therapist

  • prefers animals to humans
  • lives life on the “veg”
  • suffers from too much sarcasm

My sisters are still thinking about what to write about me…